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Size (L x W x H) 28 cm x 17 cm x 5.5 cm
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Product size: 18*17.3*5.6cm/7.08*6.81*2.20inch (Approx.)
Material: plastic + alloy + electronic components

Bullet Point:
This is a four-wheel drive OY climbing car. Through the students' own hands-on practice learning, they can help children learn the mechanical transmission structure of the vehicle model, learn how electric energy is converted into mechanical energy, learn how to change the vehicle's construction height, and improve the the height of the obstacles, learning how to change the combination of the misalignment of the drive crankshaft changes to improve the vehicle's ability to pass the clear off-road.
Through learning and practice, it is possible to systematically and comprehensively transform the palm energy and mechanical movement structure. It can be said that a small climbing car can create a future mechanical inventor.
Helps develop your child's brain skills and creativity.
The set includes: 5 pieces of building blocks, 1 battery case, 1 hexagonal shaft of a commercial copper, 1 motor, hexagonal root, 4 wins, 1 switch, 1 silicone tube, 1 nylon cable tie, small 1 gear, 1 crown tooth, 2 double gears, 1 final gear, 2 rivets, 2 3·15 self-tapping screws, 3 3*12 self-tapping screws, 4 38 self-tapping screws, 2 2 "6 self-tapping screws, 1 36.5 compartment rings, 8 35·355.5 corns, 1 328mm iron shafts, 1 window, 1 user manual, do not include battery(1 AA battery).
It is a great gift for kids and teens.

What's in the box

1 x 4WD CLIMBER Car Assembly Kit

1 x User Manual