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Brand Lock & Lock
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 15.2 cm x 7.4 cm
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  • 1. It is safe.
    Material is what makes products different. LOCK&LOCK uses heat resistant glass that does not have a risk of breaking itself or spreading fragments even if it means bearing a greater cost.
  • 2. It is light.
    Heat resistant glass is more than 10% lighter than tempered glass, Lifting a great weight off of users’ wrists.
  • 3. It is clear.
    LOCK&LOCK oven glass is less likely to be become murky. It always stays as clear and pure as new one.
  • 4. It heats up less.
    With its low permittivity, It makes food warmer while the container itself gets less heated when used in the microwave.
  • 5. It is heat resistant.
    As LOCK&LOCK oven glass is made of borosilicate glass that has a strong heat resistance, It can strongly withstand the heat and rapid temperature change. Therefore, You can use it not only in the microwave but also in the oven.
Explanation - Safe heat resistant glass strong against temperature change - All at once from food ingredient storage to table setting - LOCK&LOCK 4 side locking sealing technology
Size 120×120×55mm
Material Body-Heat resistant glass(for ovens)/Lid-Polypropylene(PP)/Packing-rubber(Silicone)
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What's in the box

1x LOCK & LOCK Oven Glass RECTANGULAR (1.0 L)