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Brand Cute Sunlight
Size (L x W x H) 15.5 cm x 6 cm x 20.5 cm
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Material: Polyvinyl Adhesive + Borax + Baking Soda + Plastic + Quartz Glass

Package Dimensions: 15.5*20.5*6 cm / 6.1*8.1*2.4 inch

Product Weight: 260g

Package Weight: 280g


Features: Made of quality material, which is non-toxic, eco-friendly and harmless;
Through the experiment to understand the scientific knowledge, promotes child's early study;

Rich product accessories, safe and environmentally friendly;

The product is suitable for small chemists over 6 years old to use, the product has rich instructions, guide small

chemists step by step to complete the experiment;

Every experiment can let the little chemist marvel, the original chemistry is so magic;

These kits need to be monitored by adults to prevent liquids from getting into glasses and other organs;

Suitable for people over 6 years old;

5 experiments according to the instructions:
①clay experiment;
②elastic ball experiment;
③expansion experiment;
④cheese experiment;
⑤neutralization experiment

What's in the box


1 x Glue
2 x Test tube
1 x Beaker
1 x Borax
1 x Baking soda
1 x Test tube rack Set
1 x Funnel
1 x Measuring spoon
1 x Dropper
1 x Manua