Puzzle 54 pieces Dino World Educational Toys for Children
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Brand Arthink
Size (L x W x H) 37 cm x 24 cm x 12 cm
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Benefits associated with working puzzles

- Improvement of short-term memory.

- Exercising the left and right sides of the brain simultaneously.

- Stress relief.

- Familial bonding opportunities.

- And even the likelihood of a longer life free of dementia and other mental illnesses.

Puzzles Unlock Creative Thinking

Stimulating mental development and social behaviour, puzzles enable users to juggle several concepts at once, giving them the tools and confidence, they need to better handle whatever challenges may come their way.

“We grow in a variety of ways: Spiritually, physically, and socially, playing puzzle games, we can interact with all spectres of our growth.

Keeping Idle Hands Busy

A brain occupied by positive thinking is far less likely to stray into troublesome activities than one lacking direction or aim.

There’s the old saying that idle hands are the devil’s workshop. What puzzles do is promote a holistic view of growth - physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Jigsaw puzzles have been bringing joy to children for many years, making them present in virtually every home. Nowadays, not only children but also adults enjoy this form of play. For children, it is especially interesting and fruitful. This is mainly due to the fact that jigsaw puzzles teach children perseverance and concentration. Assembling bigger and bigger elements and creating a complete picture shows that regular and patient work pays off and makes sense. Apart from that, jigsaw puzzles calm down the child, who remains in focus for a longer period of time. You can find many different types of puzzles on the market, which can be tailored to the individual needs of each child.

Types of puzzles

There are many types of jigsaw puzzles found in every toy store. It is a toy that every child can play with from a very young age. There are special puzzles for the youngest, which are designed to familiarize children with the subject and the rules of arranging elements so that in the future they will be ready for more difficult versions. You can find puzzles as small as four pieces, which are often in wooden form with magnets. They make it easier to fit the pieces to the board and complete the whole puzzle.
However, such puzzles are not everything! You can find even more out there such as the Dino World, Circus Troup, Animal world, Insect World, Fantasy Castle, And Cat Park puzzles for kids who are interested in a certain theme.

What's in the box

A box contains 54 pieces of Jumbo puzzles.

Upon completion, the puzzle will be measured at approximately 870mm x 580mm