900ML BPA Free Water Bottle For Kids Adult Sports With Strap
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Benefits of BPA-Free Water Bottles

There are many health benefits you may experience when choosing to drink water from a BPA-free water bottle, including:

  • BPA-free water bottles are more eco-friendly
  • BPA-free water bottles are less likely to leech chemicals into your water
  • BPA-free water bottles are recyclable 
  • BPA-free water bottles are healthier for young children and adult

BPA-Free vs. Regular Water Bottles

When it comes to selecting a water bottle for home or office water delivery in Florida, it’s important to select a water type—pure, distilled, spring water, etc. What may be even more important, however, is the type of water bottle you choose to schedule your delivery in.

For example, at Water Boy, Inc., we offer BPA-free water bottles as a healthy alternative to traditional tap water. Keep reading to learn more about BPA-free water bottles, the difference between BPA-free and regular water bottles, and which type is safer!

What Is BPA?

BPA, or bisphenol-A, is an industrial chemical commonly used in the manufacturing of plastics and resins. It is believed that BPA was first used beginning in the 1960s. Common applications of these types of plastics—called polycarbonate plastics—are in food and beverage containers found in grocery stores and other consumer goods.

What Is the Difference Between BPA-Free & Regular Water Bottles?

A common question amongst our customers is, “What is the difference between BPA-free and regular water bottles?” Well, the answer is simple. BPA-free water bottles are manufactured without the presence of bisphenol-A. Other traditional or older water bottles that are “regular,” or non-BPA-free water bottles, are made using bisphenol-A.

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